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QA & Testing

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Technical Support

Technical Support - Services | CloverSense Technology Inc.

Testing is a time consuming but crucial part of game platform development as well as integration.

While your software platform is mostly automated with sophisticated algorithms, some crucial functions still require that human touch.

Our technical support can handle first line support for routine issues which typically form the bulk of queries.

We have a QA team experienced in testing all product environments. We can help you develop and execute test plans and test scripts for your product development process and report defects in your chosen bug-tracking system. We'll take care of testing so you don't have to.

Our team of software analysts are trained to handle tasks such as data analytics and risk analysis. In addition, our team of network specialists can help monitor the various online services that deliver your platform and assist in troubleshooting issue due to network infrastructure.

We can escalate other queries to the relevant product or IT specialists in your team or your vendor team for their actions. With us handling first line technical support, you only need to maintain a smaller team of specialists and experts.

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